Upholstery fabric 
The fabric used to upholster the sofas has advantages in color decision and especially the combination between one color with another or in combination with skin. 
Advices for cleaning up: 
Textiles and upholstery are cleaning with vacuum cleaner brush tip. Once you have cleaned the couch, you can refresh it with a microfiber cloth slightly dampened with a solution of fabrics.


Category of the skin is very important when buying furniture. Used by ARTE ITALIANA skins are imported from leading Italian companies. 
Advices for cleaning up: 
With proper cleaning is possible your sofa look like new for much longer. Use only professional, specialized products, which guarantees the preservation of the color and texture of natural leather. When cleaning this area, not purely just in certain places, and the whole furniture. When the treating composition with only one place is possible to obtain a difference in the color and luster of the skin. Observe the minimum distance of 60-70 cm from heat sources. 
"Arte Italiana" Ltd offers kits for cleaning and polishing leather sofas with proven quality.