The leathers used in our sofas are from leading Italian companies. We offer a wide variety of colors structures. Long experience of cutting and multiple inspections during the time cutting, allows complete avoidance of skin defects. With this particularly high quality skins control, only skin with perfect quality reach to the customers.


Sewing is one of the most important and key points in the production process. Therefore, for the sofas are used only the latest machines for sewing leather by ADLER-DURRKOPP company, allowing all kinds of seams: plain, bilateral, etc... 


Quality sofas have heavy and strong construction. In no case, upon sitting or standing, it should not squeal. In the making of the body of the sofa, depending on the model are added different amounts of solid wood, plywood, OSB, particle board, plywood, metal. Angular compositions are made of separate modules: a module sitting, bench and angulate module - positioned from left or right.

In our sofas using the best Elastic straps on the market - made ​​in Italy. To ensure maximum comfort, belts are placed every 7 cm under the seats and armrests, stapling every 3 to 5 cm, which ensures an even elasticity.



In almost all of our sofas, we use environmentally friendly polyurethane with open cells with a density (kg per square meter) 30, 35 or 40. Open cells allow the polyurethane during the compression phase (i.e., during casting polyurethane) to perform faster and greater quantities of air exchange, thus improving the flexibility. Polyurethane is used with high elasticity, backrests and seats always recover its original shape, even after prolonged use. HR base allows a drastic reduction of the residual deformation, greatly increasing the life of the sofa and the comfort level. At the customer's use and fireproof foam.

If the customer wants, the hull can be embedded with electrical and mechanical-relaxation mechanisms. Especially comfort offers electrical relaxation function: at the touch of a button part of the legs is removed, and the headrest tilts backwards.


The most important part of the production process. Our sofas are checked multiple times, during the manufacturing process and the most important test is at the end – the product itself. Each and every sofa is being checked separately and in composition if it is part of one. Everything is being checked, including the comfort of every single seat, every seam or peace of leather. This is the only way, the perfect quality and comfort of all the sofas is being guaranteed.