ARTE ITALIANA sofas – harmony and beauty.
Inspired by life, created with passion.

Sofa's design is a mirror of the imagination and the creativity of its creators – the designers. Their fantasy sets itself on the couch purpose – to offer comfort, relaxation and joy for the senses.

We offer more than 60 models of sofas in a wide range of colors, made ​​of leather or high quality textile and microfiber. We buy high-quality leather and high-quality fabrics only from long-term partners in Central Europe.

Our sofas are represented in two lines:

FAVOLA MODERNA - Fairy tales can be modern, posh, fine and elegant!
The modern language of forms – clean, elegant and without unnecessary accessories – is reflected in this line.

FAVOLA CLASSICA - A fairy tale for the lovers of the ageless classical leather sofas. This timeless style expresses the professional craft and the art of traditional craftsmanship.